Batik Woodblocks carved exclusively for WAXON

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Watch how to use the stamps here!

Carved specially for us in the USA from our friends at Stump Stamps. Some of these designs are replicas of the stamps I used in Gujarat, India, with my mentor Anwar Khatri and his family. Some are designs I imagined and requested from Stump Stamps (and you can contact them to commission your own stamp designs). 

This is a new venture between batik-loving textile friends, and we are so excited to build our inventory as we progress.

To see how I use hand carved woodblocks for batik, you can check out my Batik Playlist on YouTube or my dyeing blog

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Great products, super helpful owner, will continue to support her and her awesome business!”


I love my top so much! Such high quality fabric and the design is perfect! It is very soft and comfortable and I don’t want to take it off.


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