Batik Sticker Multi-pack | 15 stickers Original Designs

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Now, get ALL of our individual batik stickers in one handy pack of 15! That makes them all only $2.50 each! That's wholesale pricing, baby. Plus, free shipping!

You get:

SMALL stickers
1. Indian Flower design (3")
2. Indian Indigo Star design (3")
3. Die-cut Veggie Garden design (3")
4. Feather design (4" long)
5. Dragonfly sticker (3")

GROW TREE stickers (all 4")
6. Teal tree
7. Purple tree
8. Ochre tree
9. Sienna tree
10. Black tree

LARGE stickers:
11. Mandala sticker (5")
12. Make Kind Choices sticker (7" long)
13. Peace is my Foundation sticker (5" long)
14. Asheville Mountains sticker (6" long)
15. Here for a Good Time sticker (5")

(note: we might make some variations of color depending on stock but you'll always get 15 awesome stickers!)
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Great products, super helpful owner, will continue to support her and her awesome business!”


I love my top so much! Such high quality fabric and the design is perfect! It is very soft and comfortable and I don’t want to take it off.


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