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The perfectly prepared at-home kit for anyone curious about ice dyeing, but looking to save a few dollars by providing your own fabric or clothing.

Our budget Ice Dye Kit Includes:
-dye powder & soda ash activator in a bag w/ a scoop for easy & precise application
-rubber bands
-instructions for ice dyeing, including our six favorite folding patterns
-instructions for washout

You’ll Need:
-tap water
-ice cubes
-a container to dye in or a rack to dye on
–fabric or clothing that is 100% made from plant fibers like cotton, rayon, linen, hemp, viscose, modal. These dyes will NOT work on polyester, nylon, or anything synthetic.

This kit comes with 1 color, but you can click here to add extra colors!

This kit is designed with the right amount of materials for about 1 yard of fabric, or one large t-shirt or small dress. If you sprinkle lightly, you could stretch it further! Please know your results may vary depending on how concentrated of an area you use the dye on (and only plant fibers will take color with these dyes).

**PLEASE NOTE that if you order two of the same color, we will double the amount of soda ash and dye powder into one baggie to avoid having to waste extra packaging. If you order two of the same color and want two separate baggies of that color, please send us a message to let us know.**

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