CUSTOM Dyed Lightweight Infinity Bamboo Scarf/Shawl

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Choose your own colorway! We have plenty of "blanks" in stock, ready to be dyed, and can do them in whatever colors you or your recipient likes best. Just message us when you check out!

Delicate but strong, these 100% bamboo rayon circular shawls drape like liquid over the body. They are lightweight and feel amazing to the touch. One of our best sellers and they make terrific gifts!

We will fold, bind, and scrunch these ice dyed shawls so that the colors all play together in an intricate pattern.


Fiber reactive (“low impact”) dyes have a higher than average absorption rate (around 80% depending on the color). Less water is required in the rinsing process, and less dye runs off in the water. These dyes have a lower impact on the environment than other synthetic dyes.

Low-impact dyes do not contain heavy metals (like chrome, copper, and zinc), and they don’t require toxic chemical mordants to fix them to the fiber. We use soda ash, a cousin of baking soda!

Colors on your screen will not represent a perfect match for each dye job. Hand-dyed fabrics are created anew with each garment so colors are approximate. That’s the true beauty of hand-dyed!
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Great products, super helpful owner, will continue to support her and her awesome business!”


I love my top so much! Such high quality fabric and the design is perfect! It is very soft and comfortable and I don’t want to take it off.


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