The Whole Ice Dye Kit & Caboodle: All 24 colors + our Budget Kit!

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THIS IS OUR COMPLETE COLOR PACKAGE with all 24 Core colors, PLUS our Budget Kit, at a discounted price! Or skip the kit, if you don't need instructions, and save an additional $15.

You'll get an individual baggie of each color, enough dye for many, many, many projects.

Ice dyed cloth is FULL of surprises. Unlike bottle tie-dye where the colors you see in the bottle are what you get, in ice dye the dyes split over the ice cubes and turn into many beautiful and surprising shades. This is what gives ice dye its gorgeous, ethereal properties. You will be fascinated by the results.

This Ice Dye Kit package includes:
-24 dye powders in their own labeled & convenient baggies with a scoop for easy & precise dye application
-soda ash activator
-rubber bands (for one project)
-instructions for ice dyeing
-instructions for washout

You'll Need:
-tap water
-ice cubes
-a container to dye in or a rack to dye on
-fabric or clothing that is 100% made from plant fibers like cotton, rayon, linen, hemp, viscose, modal. These dyes will NOT work on polyester, nylon, or anything synthetic.

Watch the video about our kits:

*Please note that as of June 2021 we have discontinued our dye shakers. All dye & soda ash will come in a small baggie with a scoop. The scoop and baggie method works just as well (if not better) and is more eco-friendly!*

Assembled in Asheville, NC by the team at WAXON Batik & Dye Studio LLC. Made with love and decades of experience in the home dyeing and professional tie-dye world.

Make sure you've got ice cubes, or swing by a local drive-in and ask for a cup of ice! You will need a few handfuls for each project. Doing something larger? Grab more ice. There's plenty of dye in this kit to do multiple t-shirts or some yardage.

This kit is the perfect fun craft to do on your own or with friends.

---------IMPORTANT: While children can use this kit, we strongly recommend adult supervision, as there are powdered chemicals that should not be ingested in any way. ---------


Fiber reactive (“low impact”) dyes have a higher than average absorption rate (around 80% depending on the color). Less water is required in the rinsing process, and less dye runs off in the water. These dyes have a lower impact on the environment than other synthetic dyes.

Low-impact dyes do not contain heavy metals (like chrome, copper and zinc), and they don’t require toxic chemical mordants to fix them to the fiber. We use soda ash, a cousin of baking soda!

Colors on your screen will not represent a perfect match to each dye job. Hand dyed fabrics are created anew with each garment so colors are approximate. That’s the true beauty of hand dyed!

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